About Us

The LeFlore County Coalition for Healthy Living is a county wide partnership of community organizations, service providers, law enforcement, local churches, recovery programs, behavioral health providers, business professionals, family members, and individuals committed to improving the quality of life for the children and families of LeFlore County, Oklahoma.

The Coalition is actively striving to make LeFlore County a healthier place to live.   Serving as the lead entity, we partnered with with Haskell, Latimer, and Pittsburg Counties to secure services for young readers through SmartStart Oklahoma.  Additionally, the Coalition is the contractual party, partnering with the Counseling Centers of Southeast Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, for the provision of services to our most highly involved children and their families through LeFlore County Systems of Care.  Our partnership with the Choctaw Nation has provided for increased Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD) interventions to include our Youth Advisory Board and Too Much Too Loose Campaign.  Finally, the Coalition provides an opportunity for professional and lay parties to network and freely exchange ideas concerning the issues that confront our children and their families.

This county wide Coalition is working to promote healthy living for our neighbors, our friends and our families.


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