March Against Meth & Town Hall Meetings Update

Well I personally want to thank all the members of this great Coalition for their hard work and efforts in support of the Town Hall Meetings.  All were successful to one degree or another and the information put fore by the presenters was informative and timely.  A Big Thank you to the District Attorney’s office, LeFlore County Youth Services, KiBois, SmartStart Kiamichi County, Panama and Arkoma Schools, the Town of Fort Coffee, Choctaw Nation Youth Advisory Board, Poteau Public School’s “No Way Coalition”, Carl Albert State College and a host of individual presenters and volunteers.  I know I left some one out so just drop me a line and I’ll add them in and apologize for being old and absent-minded!

Arkoma Meeting - Mz Randazzo Speaking

Approximately 335 adults and adolescents attended the meetings at seven sites.  To refresh your grey cells those sites included:  Arkoma, Ft Coffee, Panama, Poteau (x2) and Springhill Baptist Church in Monroe.  One of the follow discussions at the Ft Coffee event centered on secondary meeting for next year.  We discussed that this really was not difficult to pull off and the stipends were not necessary for success.  Get a group of folks willing to host the meeting, get them to commit to a “pot luck” supper and give us or other volunteers the date and time and we can get there.  So keep that in mind for future events.

Fort Coffee Meeting - YAB Students Presenting

I think most sites had some press coverage either via “announcements” or actual coverage of the event.  A hearty thank you to the SW Times and the Poteau Daily News for your coverage of the events.  If anyone noticed any additional coverage please let me know.  I don’t know if the Spiro Graphic covered them or not

On a similar note, we need to thank the Choctaw Nation, Mrs. Shonnie Hall and her Youth Advisory Board not only for their support of the Town Hall Meetings, but for their efforts in the March Against Meth!  To my knowledge there were three events in the county, Cameron, Heavener and Pocola.  Cameron and Pocola were formal events with representatives for several agencies/groups with heavy participation from those schools.  The Heavener event was planned by the YAB students and consisted of a “March Against Meth” walking around the track at the Heavener Football Field and sporting those classy “Use Your Voice, Fight Meth” t-shirts.  Thanks also go to the Heavener Ledger for their coverage of the Heavener event.  Thanks Shonnie and the gang!

Well the weekend is almost here, so have a safe one and enjoy your chosen recreational pursuit and most importantly, get outside!


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