Coalition Accomplishments

In preparing for the TSET Grant, I just finished writing the information below.  Pretty impressive IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF & that doesn’t include SOC, B&GCofLC, & SmartStart Kiamichi Country!  Please pass the word and ask everyone you know in LeFlore County read this post!  Is in draft form and there are errors for sure, but the data will get your attention!  We could not do it without all of us!  Thank you for all you do.

19. Please list and briefly describe any other coalition accomplishments.
The Coalition has been very active in community efforts to curtail substance abuse, promote healthy living and to provide older generations who find themselves rearing children the supports and information necessary to enhance their efforts to succeed and break a string of ills which threaten the next generation of leaders in this county.  The initial efforts undertaken by the Coalition to improve the quality of life was participation in and sponsorship of the Annual March Against Meth.  Partnering with the Choctaw Nation’s Healthy Lifestyles and Youth Advisory Board (YAB), area schools have been provided programs which highlight the negative effects of Meth in particular and other drugs in general, to include tobacco.  Agencies and individuals participating in these activities include the District Attorney’s Office, Drug Court representatives, individuals in recovery, Oklahoma Highway Patrol and local law enforcement and many others.  These programs are shifted each year to reach a different audience in different regions of the county.  Sticking with “The Fight Against Meth” the Coalition was (ongoing) an active participant in the Crystal Darkness Campaign. Beginning with the simulcast of the Oklahoma Version of the Crystal Darkness Documentary, the Coalition hosted four watch parties in four separate communities.  Additionally the Coalition purchased twenty copies of the documentary and made them available for viewing following the simulcast.  Those copies were distributed to area libraries, are available for checkout, and recently we had to replace several DVDs due to wear from viewing.  The presentation of the documentary continued for several months following the simulcast due to the availability of the DVDs. We continued with our “Fight Against Meth” with training in May of 2009 and development of an action plan to address not only Meth, but ATOD in general.  Then in the Fall of 2009 the Coalition was selected to participate in Crystal Darkness Phase II.  Utilizing the money from Phase II we purchased and distributed 500 youth designed t-shirts (presented to area students who participated in the “March Against Meth”), brochures and most importantly, we provided Too Good For Drugs curriculum for students K-8 to five school districts which lack the resources to purchase the curriculum and had none in place.  The result being just under 1000 K-8 students in the county are now receiving prevention curriculum where none was present prior to the Coalitions effort’s.

In 2008 the Coalition hosted guest speakers and sponsored a Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Conference with session on legal issues, financial planning and issues, taking care of the caregiver and others.  This was the second time for the conference, and it was well received by the 27 attendees.

In 2008 the Coalition partnered with the Poteau “No Way Coalition” and the Choctaw Nation YAB to take steps reduce the affects of underage drinking.  These actions include “sting” operations with the YAB students participating in effort to education local retailers on the importance of not selling to minors.  There efforts are ongoing and proving successful.  The Coalition has also funded student attendance at the state Too Much Too Lose camp.  Last year we sponsored 10 attendees and they returned and reported to the Coalition informing us that they had completed a work plan and were in the process of implementation.

Additionally, with regards to underage drinking, 2010 marks the second round of stipends for the support of local Town Hall Meetings to address the issues of underage drinking.  In 2008 the Coalition hosted two meeting with some 30 residents in attendance.  In 2010, the Coalition and out members hosted seven meetings impacting approximately 500 students and their families in seven different communities.

In May 2010 the Coalition partnering with the Health Department and the Choctaw Nation sponsored a Teen Health Fair.  383 8th graders from across the county participated in two all day events and plans are to continue this highly successful event.  The LeFlore County Coalition for Healthy Living is making a difference!


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