B 2009 November Minutes

Meeting Minutes for the November 18, 2009 General Meeting:

Bill Slater called the meeting to order.

The Minutes from the October 21, 2009 meeting were reviewed.  Ernest Renfro motioned to approve the minutes, second by Anita Bucciarelli.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

Kim Stephens presented the Treasurers report.  Total as of  November 18, 2009 is $1340.16.  Ed Brody made a motion that the report be accepted, second by Tammy Randozza.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

David Deaton gave a brief Boys and Girls Club update.  The target of 50 students has been met at the Poteau Middle School.  With this number of students they may now apply for additional funding.  Mr. Deaton also advised that a $5000.00 donation had been received.

Bill Slater gave an update on Crystal Darkness Phase II.  Wister and Cameron have received the 2 Good 4 Drugs Curriculum and are beginning to implement the program in their schools.

Shonnie Hall reported that Youth Advisory members conducted compliance checks in Stigler, Heavener, Howe and Monroe.  One liquor store sold to an underage teen and was ticketed.

Rose Mary Reyna from the U.S. Dept. of Census spoke concerning the 2010 census.  She advised that all federal money is tied to the numbers collected during this census.  April 1, 2010 has been designated as National Census day.  Ms. Reyna advised that Leflore County had a 59% response rate in the 2000 Census.  She stressed the need to greatly increase that percentage in the 2010 Census.

Libby Banda spoke regarding the new Overcommers Outreach program that is being offered in Poteau.  This will be a nondenominational, Christian based, 12 step program for any addiction.  It is open to any person of any age.  Meetings will be held each Wednesday at 6:00p.m. at Peachtree Hospice.

Krystal Barnes announced the upcoming “Through the Eyes of a Child” Conference.  The conference will be hosted by:  Southeastern Child Care Resource & Referral, Smart Start Kiamichi Country and Choctaw Nation Child Care Assistance.  The conference will be held January 23, 2010 at Kiamichi Technology Center in Poteau.

Bill Slater suggested that the coalition host a political forum during the March 24, 2010

meeting.   He ask for volunteers to plan the event.  Those volunteering were:  Tammy Randozza, Vicki Mason, Shonnie Hall, Royce Alverson and Bill Slater.

Ki Bois announced a new program that will provide counseling to help people avoid foreclosure.  The program is free.  Those interested should call 1-800-299-4479.

Ki Bois Community Action also provided lunch.  Thank you Ki Bois!

Meeting adjourned.


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