A 2009 December Minutes

Meeting Minutes for the December 16, 2009 General Meeting:

Bill Slater called the meeting to order.

After introductions the minutes from the November 18, 2009 meeting were reviewed.  SueAnn Loggains motioned to approve the minutes, second by Royce Alverson.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

Kim Stephens presented the Treasurers report.  Total as of December 16, 2009 is $1246.65.  Carol Gill made a motion that the report be accepted, second by Jim Hurst.  The vote to approve was unanimous.

SueAnn Loggains gave a brief Boys and Girls Club update.  A mail out campaign to areas businesses resulted in approximately $7000.00 in donations.  The Boys and Girls Club is looking to expand and include Pocola and Arkoma during the next school year.

Bill Slater gave an update on Crystal Darkness Phase II.  Wister and Cameron have received the 2 Good 4 Drugs curriculum and are beginning to implement the program in their schools.  Two sets of the curriculum along with the t-shirts have still not arrived.

Lundy Kiger spoke regarding the 2010 political forum.  He would like the forum to focus on how each candidate can be effective if elected.  The political forum committee will meet prior to the January Coalition meeting.  It was suggested that the political forum and the March Coalition meeting be moved to Friday, March 26th to accommodate some of the candidates.

Through the Eyes of a Child Conference will be held Jan 23, 2010 at the Poteau KTC.  Bill Slater asks for volunteers to furnish door prizes for the conference.  Mrs. Carol Gill volunteered to furnish 3 prizes.  Lundy Kiger, Kibois, and the Boys and Girls Club will each furnish 2 prizes.

Mr. Slater stated that $500.00 has been awarded to conduct Underage Drinking Town Hall Meeting across the county.  The week of March 22, 2010 has been set aside as National Stop Underage Drinking Week.  It was suggested that one meeting be held in Poteau and another meeting be held in the northern part of the county.  It was also suggested that safe driving awareness and the teen reality parties be combined with the teen drinking topic at the meetings.

Bill Slater ask for voluntary donations to repay a donation recently made thru the Oklahoma Gas & Electric Energy Assistance Program  to a local family in need.

Royce Alverson announced that Kibois would be offering tax preparation free of charge to anyone making less than $50,000.00.


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