C 2009 October’s Minutes

October 21, 2009 General Meeting:

Lundy Kiger called the meeting to order.

The Minutes from the September 16, 2009 meeting were reviewed. Ed Brody motioned to approve the minutes, second by David Deaton. The vote to approve was unanimous.

Kim Stephens presented the Treasurers report. Total as of October 21, 2009 is $1425.42. Bill Slater made a motion that the report be accepted, second by Shonnie Hall. The vote to approve was unanimous.

Ryan Brand gave a brief Boys and Girls Club update. Average attendance at each site is as follows: Poteau Elementary- 140, Poteau Middle School- 29, and Heavener- 85. Membership at Poteau Middle School needs to reach 50 to apply for additional funding.

No Smart Start update.

Youth Advisory Board members Tyler Davis from Heavener High School and Kayla Branning from Howe High School provided an update on the 2 Much 2 Lose summer camp and thanked the Coalition for providing funds for them to attend the camp.

The Youth Advisory members are in the process of arranging a meeting with the Heavener Police Department to discuss concerns.

Tammy Randazzo briefed the coalition on Crystal Darkness Phase II. Leflore County received $6500.00 to be used for curriculum, training and marketing of the 2 good 4 drugs program.

Bill Salter spoke concerning chronic cases of head lice. A meeting will be held on Dec. 7 to discuss this matter with the county Superintendents. Each school districts board may need to adopt a policy regarding this matter as it greatly impacts truancy across the county.

The announcement was made that as of today there would no longer be an Inter Agency Service Organization (IASO) in Leflore County.

Lundy Kiger expressed concerns regarding recent teen driving accidents in the county.

He suggested a committee be formed to explore ways to raise awareness of the dangers teen drives and their passengers face. Coalition members were ask to volunteer to serve on a committee and to stay after the regular meeting for a brief meeting to discuss this matter.

Kibois volunteered to provide lunch for the November meeting.

It was noted that 21 members were present.

Following the general meeting a brief meeting was held for those volunteering to serve on the Teen Safe Driving Committee. Volunteers were: Lundy Kiger, Kim Stephens, Miranda Twinage, Gina Nichols, Ryan Brand, Ed Brody, and George McBee.


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